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Alday Donalson

Alday-Donalson Has Merged


Alday-Donalson was known in Florida and especially throughout the Tampa area for its rapid, accurate title. Title agencies play a key role in many real estate transactions by ensuring that the ownership of the property is made completely clear to all parties involved. By providing this service, Alday-Donalson helped Florida’s economy move forward.


Alday-Donalson, however, is no longer in operation. Its offices have been merged into a title agency called Universal Land Title, which is currently one of the largest providers of title services in the state. It has recently expanded its reach by becoming licensed in thirty states. Universal Land Title, or ULT for short, provides all types of title to clients large and small.


Alday-Donalson was, despite being a successful company, operating with some outmoded systems. After it was merged into ULT, the management made some pretty drastic changes to the operations of some of the offices. These changes included implementing more robust software that can better organize the process flow of title clearance and also making an overhaul of the workflow dynamics. The overall result of these changes was improved title quality and faster turn-times.


Alday-Donalson no longer provides title services, but those who have developed working relationship with its former staff are encouraged to get in contact with Universal Land Title. Though some of the former staff have been moved to different offices, others are still operating in ways similar to the way they were over a year ago, before the merger.


Alday-Donalson’s staff and executive team have settled into their new positions and are excited about what the future holds for them at their new agency. To learn more about Universal Land Title, visit their website at

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